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Mark Bentley Cohen:

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"Absolutely recommend it! Honest, real and raw."
Aida, Vancouver

18+ / Course Language / Sexual Content

The Story
"The first layer of intimacy is to be intimate with oneself." says Marco, finally able to admit to himself that his desire to be with a man has once again resurfaced.

Marco decides to explore his bisexual desires privately, as his 12 year marriage to Gabrielle teeters on the edge of separation. They have just come out of "that long, dark tunnel, known as The Child Rearing Years", and neither is happy.

Gabrielle's way of dealing with their relationship stagnation is to suggest they take off for a year and travel around the world with their two kids, which they do.

Once they return from the trip, Marco realizes he is living a lie, and comes clean to Gabrielle.

And then I lept off the highest cliff of my life... "Our marriage is over." he tells her. And she agrees.

They decide to make drastic changes to their relationship. Together, the couple begins to explore their sexuality, opening their marriage to include sex with other people. These experiments lead to very counter-intuitive results, with the couple experiencing depths of love and intimacy they'd never known before.

In the end, "BHF+M" is a very modern love story about two people who travel to the ends of the world and outside the bounds of their marriage to re-discover their love for each other, only to find it is deeper and more passionate than either of them had ever known.

"BHF+M" challenges widely-held beliefs about marriage, monogamy, and the need for freedom within a long-term relationship.

The play's raw honesty has universal appeal, and touches a chord within audience members from 17 to 71, male/female/other, gay straight and everything in between.
Past Performances
2015 – February, Frigid New York, New York City
2014 – June, the BECAUSE Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2014 – February, The International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy in UC Berkeley, CA
2013 – September, Seattle Fringe Festival
2013 – August, Vancouver Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 – March, Fundraiser for Qmunity in co-production with the frank theatre company, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 – February, Screaming Weenie Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 – September, Vancouver International Fringe Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Content Type: Bisexuality, Open Marriage, Sexuality, Non-Monogamy, Course Language, No Nudity, 18+
Run Time: 55 minutes; some performances include a Q&A afterward with the couple.

"Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" is currently seeking venues for performances. If you would like to have the show performed at your theatre, festival, event, workshop, or other, please contact Lianna Walden.

A big thanks to Dave Doleshal, Ph.D., who organized the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy at the University of California, Berkeley, this past February, 2014.

Dave booked Mark to perform "BHF+M" as part of the conference, which was comprised of a diverse group of academics and researchers from all over the world who presented psychological research, sociological surveys, sociocultural studies relating to monogamy and nonmonogamy. The conference was well-attended, and "BHF+M" turned out to be a big hit with this crowd of people well-versed in the dynamics of polyamory, open marriages, and other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

Here's what Dave Doleshal had to say about the show:
"Several members remarked that it was almost as if the actor was giving voice to many things a high percentage of the audience had felt at some point in their lives, but had difficulty articulating. One audience member said, 'It was like he was reading what was in my heart, and speaking out loud all those things I was never able to say.'
This was a most remarkable production, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in exploring the complexities, contradictions, and subtleties of contemporary marriages and relationships."
Dave Doleshal, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Read Dave Doleshal's entire letter of recommendation as a PDF.

I take the opportunity here to congratulate (the both of) you for your play, once again. The beauty I see in the play is how you tell, with humanity and sensitivity, the inner process of passing from one world (the mono paradigm) to the other (the poly paradigm). I imagine it can be hardly audible to non poly people (due to the taboo it shakes), however, I found it ‘true’ (sincere) and talkative. I was moved by the play and I’m convinced it will resonate into many others poly hearts here in France (and Belgium and Switzerland), just as it might do in Quebec.
Pierre-Yves Wauthier, Belgian Anthropologist

I nearly jumped up and gave you a big hug after your performance. That was an absolutely spectacular performance! I just can’t get over how excited I am to have met you both! You were the highlight of the conference to me, the best part was how unexpected it was, and bonus, from Vancouver!
Cookie Kristina Bain, Sexual Health Educator in Vancouver Canada

We met at the Non monogamy conference in California and your play was one of the greatest theater experience I had during the last couple years! I’ll read your book and hope that brings me closer to understand your life….
Marton, New Jersey

Here's what Michael Harris from the Globe and Mail had to say about his theatrical pick of the week for Saturday, 27 July, 2013: "Mark Bentley Cohen's one-man show is a tell-all, oft-erotic description of a married fellow’s attempt to incorpoate man-on-man sex into his 12-year heterosexual marriage. Irreverent and refreshingly candid."

Plank Magazine read the Plank review here
...there's something so hot about anonymous sex. "Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" - Intimate in Every Way
"The script is taut, well-paced and above all honest, which makes it such a sexy show. ..This play is sexy. Not just because we get to hear detailed descriptions of engaging sexual encounters, but because it's intimate. Heed the sexual content warning and go see this show with a loved one, preferably an 18+ loved one whom you wouldn't mind going home with."

Vancouver Weekly read the Vancouver Weekly review
"The Vancouver International Fringe Festival's Bi, Hung, Fit and Married is a raw, honest, tell-all account of a bisexual man's ailing marriage, sexual escapades and the lengths he goes to in order to rediscover love. .. The well-written monologue is funny and provocative..."

Show Details
"Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" premiered September, 2012 at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. It was then performed in March, 2013 as part of "The Breaking Point", a double-bill with "Unstuck", by Evan Tsitsias.

Mark was proud to perform the show as part of the 2013 Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver, BC. "BHF+M" also made an appearance at the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival in September, 2013.

The show was performed as part of the International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy at the University of California, Berkeley, February, 2014. It was a great experience taking part in the conference and meeting so many amazing people. Hope to be there again one year.

It was a huge honour to have been invited to perform "Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" as part of the 2014 BECAUSE Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 6 - 8, 2014! The BECAUSE Conference is the premier national U.S. conference by and for the bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, and unlabeled (bi*) community.