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"Absolutely recommend it! Honest, real and raw."
Aida, Vancouver

18+ / Course Language / Sexual Content

Mark + Lianna Mark Bentley Cohen, Performer/Writer
Mark is a published writer, counsellor/life coach, workshop facilitator, public presenter, and outdoor enthusiast living in Vancouver.

Mark has always been interested in sexual identity issues. He began experimenting with bisexuality at the age of 13, and continues to this day. Mark believes there is an inherent need for continued sexual growth and exploration throughout one's life, and modern partnerships are slowly changing to accommodate those needs.

After speaking with hundreds of bisexual men, Mark has discovered that the vast majority of them are deep within the closet, living secret double lives. He hopes that his work and ground-breaking relationship with Lianna Walden, his partner of over 20 years, will help them - and others - to take the first small steps toward accepting themselves and their unique sexuality.

Lianna Walden, Producer/Publicity
An explorer of life Lianna has over 25 years of regional and international film and TV production experience, working for many of those years with Japanese broadcasters shooting across Canada and around the world. Always dabbling in theatre, in 2006-2008 she was hired to help run the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

She continues to move between film and theatre. Partnering with Relevision Productions in 2010, they have just completed feature documentary, Citizen Marc, about famed marijuana activist Marc Emery.

"Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" is her first theatrical piece as a producer. Her company, Lianna Walden Productions, specializes in exciting new provocative work. Raw, edgy, boundary-pushing, belief-stretching elements are key. "Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married" fits the criteria nicely.

Seán Cummings, Director/Dramaturge
It was a great honour to have spent one full week locked in a room dramaturging the play with Seán Cummings. Picking up where Ross left off, Seán and I were able to bring the show to a new level. The results are palpable: the script is tight, the direction creative and theatrical, the performance authentic.

Seán is a theatre director, playwright, and actor who spends much of his time in film and independent productions. Credits with Frank Theatre include writing and co-directing Chasing Home (Playhouse), directing Falling In Time (Performance Works), and directing the short film Bend In The River (Out on Screen). Other directing credits include C. E. Gatchalian's Broken (Meta) and Crossing (Meta).

Acting credits include Max in Martin Sherman's Bent, David in Brad Fraser's Poor Super Man, and Jason in Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out.

Seán was Artistic Director of Frank Theatre (Screaming Weenie) from 2008 to 2012. He is the current Artistic Producer at Meta.for Theatre Company. immediateproductions.ca

Ross Bartleman, Director/Stage Manager
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ross Bartleman. He came on board two weeks before the show opened, and was responsible for getting me out on stage with direction and a set. The show has been worked over since, but Ross's original set has remained unchanged. Thank you Ross!

On stage, Ross has played a meteor, one of the Jets in "West Side Story", a disciple in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and a gay adoptive father in Michael Kearns' "Attachments". He has also donned a peach bridesmaid's gown for "Trauma Central: Deconstruction of a Princess", worn a little black dress and performed as a choral singer and solo music theatre artist in concerts and at festivals. Rumoured to have begun singing from the time he came out of the womb, he has since worked as a choreographer, director, producer/presenter, writer, graphic designer and arts administrator. He is currently developing an autobiographical documentary project and a companion solo theatre piece tentatively titled "Diary of a Compulsive Hoarder" and is thrilled to have been a part of Mark's virgin theatrical voyage here at the Fringe.

Show History
Since opening at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival in September, 2012, Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married has been playing to receptive and adoring audiences across the continent.

Clearly there are many people who also feel a strong need for a new kind of dialogue around modern relationships, and how they can begin to accommodate issues like sexual fluidity and the need for life-long sexual growth and exploration - especially within long-term marriages.

The show is usually followed by a Question and Answer session with Mark and Lianna. The couple take questions from the audience and candidly discuss their sexual adventures and experiences with opening a marriage of 15 years and experimenting with non-monogamy while raising two teenaged kids.

Lianna also talks about her process in coming to term with Mark coming out as bisexual in 2009, and the subsequent changes she had to make within herself as a result.

BHF+M has been performed as part of the Vancouver Queer Arts Festival, the BECAUASE Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the "International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy" at UC Berkeley, and many others.

The show will be performed in New York City this coming February, 2015 as part of Frigid New York. Please come see it if you are in New York this February!